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Craigslist Arizona Personals Originally called 'Cantia', Kent is a county where adult dating and the swinger lifestyle have always flourished. The reasons for this are far from clear, but perhaps its proximity to London is one of the factors.

Craigslist Arizona Personals Situated in the southeast corner of England, Kent is designated as a 'Home County' - a term used to describe the counties that have borders with London. Kent also has land borders with East Sussex and Craigslist Personals Surrey and has a Craigslist Arizona Personals Thames river boundary with Essex. There is even an official mid-channel boundary with France that is located halfway through the Channel Tunnel.

Overall, Kent is a pleasant mixture of rural and urban areas with an average population density of 1150 people per square mile. Craigslist Arizona Personals However this becomes a much higher density in the urban areas.  Canterbury and. All of these areas are excellent places to live for any couples or singles who enjoy adult dating and a swinger lifestyle.

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