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So sensual and intimate with a difference. This position is perfect in a big bean bag while watching a sensual movie. Here you are in command. Slowly move your rear up and down at a pace you decide.

You can both add some light sensual touching, he rubbing your back and buttocks and you reaching down to Personals play with his balls.

Unless the invite says a man should go with a particular theme, such as a ‘sports night’ complete with a favorite team’s jersey, a man should step up the clothing game.

Despite what a man might hope, sex parties don’t involve wall-to-wall nudity; there is quite a bit of discussion happening between those who are fully clothed.

Opt for at least business casual, but if it’s an upscale place, consider black tie.

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The 69 is one of the most popular love making positions. It is excellent for sumptuous, mutual suction. Suck away, wriggle or move slightly back and forth.

Shift from his penis, to balls or Craigslist Personals Alternative. And for those high achievers out there, with practice you can even go for simultaneous orgasm.