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Kneel facing each other with you placing one leg over his thigh. Then let the titillation begin as you rock back and forth as your breasts jiggle and brush his chest. You will love it for the close face to face contact. Give him long kisses and tickle his balls for greater pleasure.

Many men go to sex parties with the expectation of whipping out a handsome penis and getting action Personals all night long. In that case, a man will be sorely disappointed.

Some sex parties do have open areas where they allow an ‘anything goes’ mentality, but for the most part, these events are a bit classier than that.

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Some men might go to a sex party and watch plenty of action, but not get any themselves. In fact, for the first few visits, that’s entirely okay.

At most parties, condoms are an absolute must, but some go beyond that by requiring a thorough wash Adult Dating down beforehand, or even requiring the use of dental dams and other barrier protections.