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Once of the most intimate, beautiful couples making love positions. Sit on your partner face first with Personals Adult Dating your legs wrapped around his waist while he also sits upright crossed legged.

The allure of this Adult Dating upright position is that it allows for long sensuous kissing and touching of each other’s faces while being able to look each other directly in the eye.

Gently grind and enjoy a softer, loving, sexual experience.

This is a hot, sensual variant of missionary and one of the best couples making love positions!. As you lay back with your legs half bent wide open, your partner is positioned at a higher Craigslist Personals Alternative angle than ordinary missionary with his hands by your head.

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Relax and let the incredible sensation take over as he makes slow, sexy, circles or figure eights.

You will be taken to another level as this dreamy movement stimulates your whole vagina and his pubic bone lightly rubs your clitoris.

As he maintains this tantalizing movement and also gives you sensual kisses, your body will shudder with an all encompassing full body climax.