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Craigslist Waco Personals There is the chance that one also has friends who are like this, and this could mean that some of their friends will be in a relationship Craigslist Waco Personals  with someone who has the same views as them. Yet, even if one is not looking for a relationship and only wants something fairly casual, they could still look for someone who has the same outlook as they do.

One Reason

Craigslist Waco Personals  One could say that this it is important that someone has the same outlook as they do because of how important politics is. Based on this, one is likely to spend a lot of time looking into this area of life.

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Craigslist Waco Personals  The kind of papers that they read, for instance, are likely to lean the side of the political spectrum that they do. Perhaps one has the same political views that their parents had, or maybe their time in the education system is what has defined their outlook.

Black and White

One might still be at college or university, with this being an environment that is more likely to be in favour of the left than the right. And,Craigslist Waco Personals   if one wants someone to have the same view as they do, this can also mean that they believe that they are right.

It is then not that they are closed minded and are unwilling to consider another person's point of view; no, it is that their view is the only viewpoint that is acceptable. With this in mind, it is going to be natural for them to Craigslist Waco Personals   or ignore someone who has a different view to them, or to end a date or to not see someone again if they have a different view.

Another Angle

This is then going to be similar to someone who only dates people who support the same sports team or who like the same type of dogs. Now, it could be said that these examples are far more trivial.

These kinds of things are generally not going to have that much of an effect on whether two people will get on. But while someone's political views can be seen as being important, it doesn't mean that Craigslist Waco Personals  this is always the case.

Following the Crowd

Craigslist Waco Personals  Let's say that one only leans to the left or the right, due to what their friends or teachers have told them, for instance. Consequently, they won't have taken the time to come to their own conclusions.

One can then meet someone who has a different view to them and reject them, stopping them from having their own views challenged. Craigslist Waco Personals  Alternatively, if one was to listen to what they have to say, they might change their outlook.

Closed Minded

Craigslist Waco Personals  They could describe themselves as open-minded and even tolerate, but this is not going to be the complete truth. It might be more accurate to say that they will be open to hearing what people have to say if they have the same views as they do, Craigslist Waco Personals  with this being something that they will tolerate.

Craigslist Waco Personals  If they are this way, they are going to be ill-prepared to have a functional relationship. Craigslist Waco Personals  Part of having a relationship with another person involves being able to empathize with them and to respect their views and opinions.

One Extreme to Another

Clearly, one doesn't want to be with someone who they have absolutely nothing in common with, but that doesn't mean that the alternative is to end up with someone who is exactly the same. If one wants someone who always agrees with them and, therefore doesn't challenge them, they may as well get a cat or a dog.

What is also part of a having relationship is being able to discuss things in a mature manner, and this doesn't mean shutting down or losing all self-control. Taking this into account, it might be far better for one to look for someone who is open-minded and willing to have their views questioned than it would be to find someone who has the same political views as they do, and this means that they will also need to be the same.

A Number of Benefits

Craigslist Waco Personals  Not only will this allow them to talk about their own political views and to grow; it will also allow them to talk about all areas of life and to grow mentally, emotionally and even spiritually. One could end up with someone who has the same views as they do when it comes to politics, but that doesn't mean that they will have a fulfilling relationship; especially if this person hasn't even thought about what they believe.


Craigslist Waco Personals  When one is with someone who has the same views as they do, it can allow them to be right. This is something that the mind wants more than anything else; as far as the mind is concerned, to be wrong is to die.