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Craigslist Nashville PersonalsTherefore, unless you are dating a person you met through a common affiliation with one of these topics, these are the ones to avoid on the first date:


Unless you already know your date's political interests, it is a surefire killer of you having another one. Craigslist Nashville Personals This is because you and your date will have preset of notions regarding opposing political views. By talking about politics, you place an adversarial theme on your date which can become intensely heated and even hostile.


Craigslist Nashville PersonalsAgain, unless you met your date in church or at a religious function with a shared belief, it is a topic to avoid on a first date. In American institutions which stress the separation of church and state, when it comes to dating, religion and politics tend to go hand and hand. Avoid them at all costs. Craigslist Nashville Personals There is already tension on both parties that do not need to be exacerbated by discussing topics that are on some levels are actually Craigslist Nashville Personals to separate one from another.


Craigslist Nashville Personals Save this topic until you and your date get to know each other better. By discussing your sexual proclivities, preferences and prowess, you give the impression that your desire for sex is more important than anything else they have to bring to the table. There are other things that add substance to this meeting.

Your Entire Life Story:

Craigslist Nashville Personals Avoid giving your date the 'this is my life' story. Assume that would be a major turn-off for your date, and could even scare them off. Again, save this for a later date. Ask about certain non-confrontational situations but avoid asking your date about his/her life story. Your date could feel pressured or insecure and by the way, it is none of your business at this time. Craigslist Nashville Personals If you rant on about your life story, your date may think of you as being self-centered. Conversely, if you are patient and truly interested in hearing what a person has to say about them self - then let them speak. Craigslist Nashville Personals This is one situation where the interview and dating conversations match. People love to speak about themselves, and if you are genuinely interested, they will have a favorable impression of you because they believe you can relate to them.

Inner Most Secrets:

Craigslist Nashville Personals This can be grouped with life stories as one of the most inappropriate topics on a first date. Avoid this one like the plague because your date's inner most secrets are none of your business and vice-versa. You haven't earned the right to know because you haven't even invested enough time to earn that dividend. Craigslist Nashville Personals The opposite is also true. Respect yourself and don't just give away this information to someone you just met. You have value, and your time and attention is valuable beyond compare. Treat yourself with respect and ask yourself this question: How would you feel if asked the same question or given this information?

Past Relationships:

This should be self-explanatory. It can immediately turn your date off. Are you on the rebound? Are you brooding? Craigslist Nashville Personals Do you expect me to live up to certain presumed expectations? Are you incapable of 'letting it go?' Will it cause you to treat me like them or take revenge on them through me? Because of these reasons, it is a taboo first date topic to use.

Ethnic/Nationality Stereotypes:

Craigslist Nashville Personals Do not touch upon the intricacies of ethnicity or nationalities. These topics can be grouped with politics and religion because they are discussed from a biased view, whether it is intentional or not. Unless you are discussing your own group and how it shapes your own thoughts, behavior and desires - do not bring it up or Craigslist Nashville Personals offer your opinion. Unless you know for sure your date's opinion of this topic, you are sure to place yourself in an uncomfortable situation.

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