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Craigslist Indianapolis Personals As you become more familiar with interesting people on the site, you'll start to reach a point where you might actually be interested in meeting this person for a real date. It's very important that before you do meet this person, you have at least verified their voice and/or face. Craigslist Indianapolis Personals You can do this by speaking to them on the telephone and paying close attention that they do sound similar to how they've described themselves.

Craigslist Indianapolis Personals  If you webcam with them, you'll be able to quickly tell that they really are who they say they are. These days, nearly all laptops and even personal computers have a webcam, so there's very little excuse to not be able to chat this way. Craigslist Indianapolis Personals It's also a great way to get more comfortable interacting with this person.

Craigslist Indianapolis Personals If you're still hitting it off, it's now time to meet up for a date. The first date should always be in a public place. Make sure you have your own form of transportation to get there and back. Craigslist Indianapolis Personals Do not rely on your date to transport you. Do not give your date your address. Meeting in a public place is a safety precaution. In the event they're not who they say they are, you'll be able to get away from a bad situation.

 If the first date goes well and you get along, this is when you can begin transitioning into "normal" dating behavior. Meeting each other where you live, regular phone calls, and sharing more and more personal information.

Craigslist Indianapolis Personals If you're met by resistance as you attempt to follow these steps, consider it a red flag. If someone is unwilling to cooperate with you in taking it slowly step by step getting to know each other, then immediately it should be a concern that they have no respect for your safety, and that they might have malicious intent. Craigslist Indianapolis Personals If you come across someone unwilling to take the time to properly get to know you before you give up too much personal information, be extra cautious of them.

Following all of the above steps will guarantee you a successful, safe, online dating experience. You'll know exactly who you're meeting each and every time. You'll avoid heartbreak from liars and scammers. Craigslist Indianapolis Personals And most important, you'll be keeping yourself physically safe from those who want to harm you. These are steps I personally have followed with great success, and I am now happily in a long term relationship with someone I met following exactly these guidelines.